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FACES: The National Craniofacial Association

FACES: The National Craniofacial Association
FACES assists 75 to 135 families each year with travel away from home to specialized craniofacial medical centers for life-changing surgeries. In many cases, this is a lifelong journey for these families, as a child born with a severe craniofacial disorder often requires surgeries until young adulthood before their face and skull is completely rebuilt.

In addition to travel expenses and financial and moral support for surgery, FACES has helped over 25,000 individuals across the country with support networks, information and educational programs in the community.

Face Eqaulity International

FACES is proud to be a founding member of Face Equality International... Creating a world where everyone is treated fairly whatever their face looks like.


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“I never saw my face until I was eight years old…One day I found a hand mirror in the bathroom…When I saw my face, I could feel a terrible scream come tearing out of my throat...”

Debbie Fox


A Face For Me by Debbie Fox

Once in a great while a woman comes along with handicaps so terrible – and courage to overcome them so overwhelming – that her story cannot fail to inspire and give hope to all who learn of her life.

Debbie Fox born in 1959 in Soddy Tennessee (Soddy-Daisy) is such a person. Hers is such a story.

Her handicaps were heartbreaking almost beyond belief. Her right hand was no hand at all. Her face was no face. It was greatly disfigured. In all, she was born with fifty-nine physical abnormalities (but her IQ is 120). She underwent fifty-seven separate surgical operations, some of them never attempted before.

Pain was Debbie’s constant companion, but she had other companions, too: her unwavering faith in God, the love of her family, the devotion of her teachers, the unselfish care of the doctors who worked without pay, and most of all, her own courage in face of odds that would have caused those of lesser faith to give up.

Debbie earned her high school diploma, learned to drive, volunteered, wrote poetry, got married, and continues to enjoy life. She was the inspiration for the Debbie Fox Foundation now called FACES: The National Craniofacial Association, which continues to help children and adults with facial differences get to the surgeries they desperately need.